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Cryo Facelift is the up and coming new non-surgical facelift. It plumps and hydrates by cooling technology. Ice it up!


CoolSculpting Cost Special Offer

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What is CoolSculpting?

Orange County CoolSculpting is fat freezing technology or freezing fat cells offering slimming results minus liposuction surgery. At Orange County CoolSculpting we have performed over 3500 CoolSculpting procedures and are CoolSculpting Diamond Certified, a merit that Zeltiq accords to those who strive to perfect the Fat Freezing Procedure.

The Freezing fat cells procedure has been one of Hollywoods best kept secrets, until recently Mariah Carey revealed a sculpted and slimmer body, resulting in tongues wagging. Dr. Oz featured a show dedicated to the CoolSculpting procedure, Allure, Cosmo, Vogue followed suit. As more and more become aware of the Fat Freezing Procedure, CoolSculpting is becoming one of the most requested fat reduction procedures to date and there are obvious reasons why. Please see below:

O.C. CoolSculpting, Freezing fat cells without surgery

That is right! No surgery. No anesthesia an no downtime! Orange County Coolsculpting is the way to go for those looking to break those stubborn unwilling fat cells. The CoolSculpting Procedure is a one hour treatment, consisting on marking the area to be treated, applying a cool conduction gel to the spot, suctioning the area with a vacuum like applicator tip, cooling the area for one hour, followed by a rigorous massage for 2 minutes. Once the procedure is finished you may resume to your normal activities while the targeted fat cells begin  a slow process of dying and being eliminated from your body. This process takes up to four months and as time passes you will see a difference in the way your clothes fit.


Redefine your curves with O.C. Cool Sculpture, a new and exiting procedure by Zeltiq...Freeze your fat, two areas in one hour at My Petite Medical Spa now!

Some Medical Spas offer this popular fat freezing procedure by Zeltiq, we have not only perfected it, but have made it possible for you to have two areas treated at one time. This is unique to My Petite Medical Spa! Freeze Fat Away, two areas in one hour!  Sit back and enjoy a movie in one of our comfortable treatment rooms.

We strive not only to perfect fat freezing protocol, make your stay fun and luxurious, but to be time efficient also. This sets us a step above. Come take a tour of our facility and see for yourself. Make your next beautifying stop a Cool Sculpting event and rid of that unwanted fat in one hour!

What our clients say about the Cool Sculpture Procedure and does Coolsculpting Work?

"best in its class! My experience at My Petite is always like that of a day at the Westin Resorts.  It is luxurious and relaxing. Frankly, I do not feel I am having a procedure. Snacks and beverages are always served in an elegant fashion, and the girls are extra cool and attentive, always checking in. There are plenty of lush pillows, soft robes, great movies, tasty cocktails to indulge in. 
Great attention to detail is being paid, not only in the style of presentation, but marking the areas to be treated,  to ensure seamless results / let's face it we are all a bit lopsided :)...There is an air of professionalism coupled with excellence hard to find these days, yet everyone is always warm and down to earth. It is nice to have two areas treated at one time, this cuts the treatment time in half.
Prior to spotting this Precious Gem I had my first coolsculpting treatment at a reputable establishment uptown, at double to cost and treatment time duration. I was stuck in a small white walled room for two hours with two magazines. The technician checked with me once at the end of each procedure. Her mediocre inconsistencies in follwing procedure protocol, or lack thereof left me lop sided. During the treatment she failed to explain the steps and what to expect, managed to give me a shock at the onset during the suction part. Since this was my first time getting the cool sculpture treatment I had no idea as to what to expect. I felt horrible and undignified, or humiliated I should say. I then had to spend the additional money to have the area she missed retreated. In stark contrast, the standards at My Petite are top notch, and if you ask: Does coolsculpting work? ...well it has changed my life. Since I have regained my comfidence and I am able to fit into my chlothes rather than having to invest in new ones. I have also been in the mood to visit the gym more." Alexandra Stratan


Did Mariah Carey slim down with Coolsculpting?

... reviews have been buzzing and Mariah's new radiant look, along with her slimming waistline has left many wondering? Did she have CoolSculpting done? The cool sculpture procedure is becoming more and more popular as stars are find out about it. The days of lipo suction are over, as cool sculpting is redefining fat reduction for both men and women alike. 

Cool Sculpture is a procedure designed to rid of unwanted fat by freezing the fat, and causing it to die, as the body rids of it over a period of 3 to 4 months. Lipo Freeze is another term for this procedure and it is also referred to as cool sculpting.

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